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Can I bring my own ball?

Absolutely! Bring your favorite ball, or you can check one out at the course for a fee.

Do I have to book a tee time?

Yes! It is imperative that you book in advance, in order that we can manage all arrivals at the course.

What footwear should I use?

Football boots and blades aren't permitted. We suggest you wear trainers or astroturfs.

What is the dress code?

You can wear golf attire, but footgolf is more casual. As long as you are wearing a shirt and with trousers, jeans or shorts , you can play!

What else should I bring?

Sunglasses, sunblock, and a camera for starters!

How hard is footgolf?

 It's fun for all ages and skill levels. Footballers will love it, but it also requires the patience and eye of a golfer. Even if you aren't a natural athlete, you will have a good time!

What is Footgolf

Footgolf is a combination of the popular sports of football and golf.  The game is played on a golf course with a regulation size 5 football, although we also have smaller sizes available. The course fits within regular golf hole layouts, so you would Tee-off between the markers and aim down the fairway towards the green. The holes have 21-inch diameter cups.


Easy to learn and play, footgolf is the perfect sport for all ages. It also affordable and a round only takes only a few hours. Read the rules and watch a video from our friends at FootGolf San Diego

Footgolf Rules

  • The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf

  • Football Boots (studs or moulds) are not allowed, as the course is not a football pitch. Please wear trainers, walking boots or flat shoes.

  • Do not touch the flags, leave them in the holes.

  • We have size 5, size 4, size 3 and a very small number of size 2 footballs available.

  • The ball must be stationary before it is kicked.

  • A maximum of 6 people can play in one group.

  • The furthest player away from the hole always goes first.

  • If your group is slow, please let groups behind you pass through, to save slowing up play and creating bottlenecks on the course.

  • One person to mark the scorecard.

  • Always mark the scorecard on the next tee, not on the green, as it holds up play behind.

  • Please be aware of our neighbours at all times

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