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Formerly The Approach Golf Course in Bath, Somerset, adjacent to Royal Victoria Park, this 12-hole and 18-hole parkland golf course closed during the COVID pandemic, and remained shut until Spring 2023, when Future Golf Ventures Ltd, which won the tender to manage the land in late 2022, began operating.

Established 2023


Tel: 01225 975 874

Address: Weston Rd, Bath, BA1 2DS

Old Golf Equipment

From 2nd April 2024, we will be open for golf on our 9-hole course. This will be in play in Spring until the full 18-hole course is open before then summer holidays


The newly designed 18-hole golf course, will be primarily situated on the eastern side of the park, with fifteen holes located to the right of the kiosk. Three of the holes require the golfer to traverse the Cotswold Way, to play on the western side, before crossing back to complete the course.


The course provides a relaxed atmosphere for the novice golfer to build confidence and develop their game, whilst providing the more experienced golfer with the opportunity to enhance their vital short game skills.


The majority of the holes play up and down the hill, with the some holes playing across the slope. The challenge lies in the elevations and slopes around the greens. This course is great for beginners but can be quite challenging to seasoned golfers.

9-Hole Golf Course

2nd April to 3rd November 2024
9am to 6pm every day

4th November to 31st December 2024 - TBC

Opening Times

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The introduction of a 9-hole footgolf course on the lower section of the western side, adds an exciting, new leisure offer to the park.


Come and play the new sport that combines the best of football and golf for people of all ages and skill levels.


Easy to learn and play, footgolf is the perfect sport for all ages. It also affordable and a round only takes an hour and half to two hours, depending on how busy we are at the time.

Footgolf: 9-Hole Course

footgolf (1).png

We are open from 29th March 2024!

Go to the booking page to reserve your tee times and save £2 per person in advance

Online cost:
£8 Adults, £6 concessions (Students, U16s, Service Personnel, Carers and Over 60s)

Walk Up cost:
£10 Adults, £8 concessions (Students, U16s, Service Personnel, Carers and Over 60s)

We look forward to seeing you all soon ⛳️⚽️”




2nd January to 9th February 2024
9am to 3.30pm Wednesdays & Weekends only

10th February to 18th February 2024
9am to 3.30pm every day

19th February to 28th March 2024
9am to 4pm Wednesdays & Weekends only

29th March to 14th April 2024
9am to 4.30pm every day

15th April to 1st September 2024
9am to 6pm every day

2nd September to 25th October 2024
9am to 5pm Monday to Friday
9am to 6pm Weekends

26th October to 3rd November 2024
9am to 4pm every day

4th November to 31st December 2024 - TBC


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